5 Mandatory Menu in “Catering Prasmanan” Business

Before opening a buffet catering business, there are many factors that must be considered, such as the catering menu. The menu is the most crucial thing in the “catering prasmanan“. Food combinations that are not suitable can make your customers switch to another one.

Therefore, you have to be creative in combining the existing menus. It doesn’t have to look expensive, the menu selection itself is based on many things, such as durability, price, difficulty level of serving, popularity and others. Not sure which menu is suitable for your catering business? Check the 5 mandatory catering menus below.

Yellow rice or Nasi tumpeng

Yellow rice or tumpeng rice is a mandatory menu that is often ordered. Usually, this menu is a must-have menu for salvation or other events. This menu is also very popular and familiar with Indonesian people.

Therefore, every “catering kantoran” maker must provide this menu. In addition, don’t forget the complimentary menu of yellow rice, starting from orek tempeh, eggs, cakes, chicken, and other menus. As a tip, you can provide this menu in the form of boxed rice or tumpeng to mini tumpeng.

Snacks and pastries

Snacks or cakes are often ordered for various events held by many groups. Starting from thanksgiving events, office events, government events, snacks and cakes seem to be a mandatory menu that must be there as snacks that accompany people while on the move. Several”agen catering jakarta” have also started to focus their business on wet cakes.

Provide a choice of menu of wet pastries or snacks that are often chosen such as pastels, lemper, risoles and also other cakes. The addition of the existing snack menu can give people more choices in choosing the menu that is available to them.

Chicken processed menu

Starting from fried chicken, grilled chicken, chicken opor, geprek chicken, and various other chicken preparations, chicken is indeed one type of catering menu that many people like. This is also supported by the Mnews article, if the chicken menu is indeed very popular in Indonesia, especially the Geprek chicken menu which is popular in several areas such as Jakarta and Bekasi.

For catering, you can include chicken as one of the menu types for the main side dish. In order not to get bored, make different processed menus every day so that customers don’t get bored and can choose the menus they want.

Fried noodles or vermicelli

Fried noodles or vermicelli are often a companion to catering meals because they are considered suitable. Starting from yellow rice, catering to others, we often find noodles or vermicelli in every box of rice we carry.

Sometimes, there are people who order noodles or vermicelli for certain occasions. Therefore, this can be an opportunity for us to provide a menu of noodles or vermicelli as one of the main menus that can be ordered specifically.

Local specialties

Local specialties can be one of the important things that should not be missed, Rendang, ketupat, warm, and also other regional specialties are examples of regional food that must be present.

Besides increasing the existing menu choices, you can get more customers because you have more varied menu choices. Therefore, this is an important thing to pay attention to.

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