5 Top “Catering Pernikahan” Menus in Indonesia Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Talking about marriage cannot be separated from dreams. Everyone must have a dream plan for their wedding party. Moreover, for the bride. Everything about marriage needs to be prepared in order to look perfect. Starting from the wedding hall (venue), decorations, souvenirs, to the catering wedding menu that must be considered carefully.

Yes, it is undeniable that an attractive “catering pernikahan” menu will add to the happiness of one’s wedding party. Moreover, if your wedding concept is traditional, of course, you need to choose the right dishes. Therefore, we are going to share a selection of wedding catering menus that are suitable for traditional concepts. Curious? Check out this one explanation!

Tude Bakar Manado

This one dish can be your choice of a wedding buffet menu. Tude Bakar Manado has a soft and savory texture on the meat, making it a perfect companion meal for white rice, “nasi tumpeng“, or fried rice. Tude Bakar Manado itself is a dish that is easy to collaborate with a variety of foods. For example, sambal dabu-dabu / red, vegetable cap cay / clear, even crackers. That way, it will be easier for you to choose a buffet dish.

Chicken satay

This one food is a favorite dish that is never missed at anyone’s wedding. Most of the people like it, so that the invited guests will be in demand. One of the joys in a wedding party is when invited guests can enjoy the dishes served. So, you will not feel redundant / disappointed ordering these foods.

Egg Rolls

This one menu can be a choice of snacks for your wedding. Egg rolls are a favorite dish of all ages and can be an attraction for invited guests. Well, the presence of egg rolls can make your traditional concept even more memorable. Moreover, if the hut is designed in an interesting and unique way.

Gejrot Tofu

gejrot can also be a menu option for your hut at your wedding. This one dish is suitable as a light meal after tasting a heavy meal. And of course, add to the appeal of the wedding catering that is served. Like egg rolls, tofu gejrot is quite rare at weddings. Most people choose pempek or soto mie Bogor as a side dish. Therefore, you can be one of the pioneers in presenting tofu gejrot in your celebration party.

ES Mambo

Well, if this one can be a dessert after tasting a heavy meal or a side dish. ES Mambo is one of the favorite snacks from all ages. Starts from children to adults. In order not to be monotonous, you can create ES Mambo in a modern way. For example, mix it with real fruit, then add yogurt and almonds as a topping. Interesting right?

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