Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

The term cloud is now viral everywhere, especially in the IT field. What exactly is meant by this cloud service technology? How does it work and what are its advantages in computing? Check out the following explanation!

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the process of processing computing power (either CPU, RAM, Network Speeds, Software, OS or Storage) over the network (usually via the internet). So the data transfer that occurs is not physically and the computing resources that are owned are at the location of the user who uses the service.

Benefits of Cloud Computing 

With the increasing number of computer users and mobile users, data storage has become a priority in almost all areas of business. Large or small scale businesses are currently very developed with data as the center. They usually spend large sums of money to maintain this valuable data. That is why a strong IT support with a high performance storage center is needed.

 Not all businesses can afford the high costs of in-house IT infrastructure. So for them, Cloud Computing is a great solution because it's cheaper. There may also be other considerations from the company such as efficiency in data storage, computation, and less maintenance costs (we will discuss these in the next section). 

Cloud computing actually reduces the demand for hardware and software from the user's side. The only thing the user has to be able to run / do is the software interface of the cloud computing system, which can be as simple as some kind of web browser. This certainly can help reduce user work with the cloud network technology that is responsive and automatically solves other IT problems.

If you are not a corporate / business person, you are actually already using cloud computing technology. You may not realize that some of the popular cloud services that have been widely used, such as email tools GMail, Outlook or Yahoo, are even supported by this technology. 

When accessing / using email services, your data will be stored on a cloud server, not on your computer. The technology and infrastructure behind the cloud is invisible. So, it doesn't matter anymore whether the cloud service is based on HTTP, XML, Ruby, PHP or any other specific technology as long as it's still user-friendly and functional of course.

 You as a user can connect to the cloud system from your own personal device such as a laptop, or cellphone. Cloud computing also makes effective use of small businesses with limited resources. These technologies or services can provide small and medium-sized businesses with access to technologies that were previously beyond their reach. Cloud computing is now helping a lot of small businesses to turn their expenses into profits.

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