Step By Step Registering Trademark Online in Indonesia

The following will explain the procedures for filing trademark registration Indonesia online and offline. 

1. Offline Registration of Trademark Rights The process of registering trademark rights to DGIP manually (non-electronic / offline) can be done in the following ways: 

a. submit an application to the DJKI by completing the requirements 

b. Application for registration of Mark Rights is submitted in 2 copies (documents), typed in Indonesian, and using the form provided by DJKI.

c. The application form for Mark Right contains a number of data, namely: – the date, month and year of application; -the applicant’s full name, nationality, and address; full name and address of the attorney, if the application is submitted by proxy; – colors if the Mark being applied for uses a number of color elements; -the name of the country and the date of the first application for registration of the Mark (if filed with priority rights). 

d. The application letter for registration of trademark rights is accompanied by a number of documents, namely: – Photocopy of KTP (applicants from abroad must choose their position in Indonesia, this can be the address of their attorney); – Photocopy of legal entity establishment deed legalized by a notary (if the application is on behalf of a legal entity); -Photocopy of joint ownership regulations, if the application is submitted on behalf of more than 1 person (collective mark); -Special power of attorney if the registration application is authorized; -Signs of application fee payment; -Ten pieces of Brand label (maximum size 9×9 cm, minimum 2×2 cm); – A statement that the Mark for which registration is requested is the property of the applicant.

Online registration of trademark rights

Online registration of trademark rights can be made through the trademark registration Indonesia provided by the DJKI. The steps that need to be done are as follows. 

a. Before using the Brand application, users are required to order a billing code (payment number) at Simpaki

 b. To order a billing code, open the site and fill in the available fields

c. After ordering the billing code, make a payment 

d. After that, log into the Brand Application 

e. If you don’t have a Brand Application account, please register your account / activate e-filing first. 

f. Brand application has been integrated with Simpaki for checking billing code g. After logging in to the application, enter the trademark application data, then submit the online application data

Registration Rates for MSME and General Trademark Rights

Registration rates for trademark rights at the DJKI (Ditjen KI) have been regulated in PP No. 28 of 2019. These rates are included in the category of Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP). The tariff for registration of trademark rights is differentiated based on the applicant’s category, namely general or UMKM, and the means of submitting an application, namely online or offline. PP Number 28 of 2019 also regulates the amount of tariff for the extension of the period of brand protection. 

Details of the tariff value for the management of Mark Rights are as follows: I. Application Rates for Mark Registration 

1. Registration rates for trademark rights for MSMEs: Rp. 500,000 (online) and Rp. 600,000 (manually / offline) 

2. Registration rates for trademark rights for General: IDR 1,800,000 (online) and IDR 2,000,000 (manual / offline) II. 

Tariff for Extension of Mark Protection Period 

1. Within 6 months before or until the end of mark protection: a. Tariff for MSMEs: IDR 1,000,000 (online extension) and IDR 1,200,000 (manual / offline extension) b. Tariff for the public: Rp. 2,250,000 (online) and Rp. 2,500,000 (manual / offline).

 2. Within a maximum period of 6 months after the end of mark protection: a. Tariff for MSMEs: IDR 2,000,000 (online extension) and IDR 2,400,000 (manual / offline extension) b. Public rates: IDR 4,500,000 (online) and IDR 5,000,000 (manual / offline).

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