5 Tips for Decorating Good Tumpeng Rice

When celebrating a birthday or a thanksgiving event for a business, surely we are familiar with the name tumpeng. Nasi Tumpeng jakarta has become a local dish that has become known to the public for an official or private celebration at various events.

To make it look more attractive, of course, you will need various decorations and various side dishes that decorate the Jakarta tumpeng rice. Its function is to enhance the appearance of the tumpeng so that it looks more attractive.

How to decorate nasi tumpeng actually doesn’t require materials that are difficult for us to get. There are many different ways to do the tumpeng creations that we make to beautify its appearance and be different from the others.

Of course, these decorations will also add to the enjoyment of the tumpeng.

Prepare the necessary tools

Before starting to make tumpeng decorations, make sure you have prepared the necessary tools to make the process of decorating the tumpeng easier.

Some of the tools needed to decorate tumpeng are cutters, knives, sticks, and molds. Cutters and knives are used to cut and slice vegetables for decoration, including making carving patterns on decorative materials.

Besides that, sticks are also important to make decorative materials stay upright. Meanwhile, mold is used to form small circle patterns on tumpeng decoration

Shaped Nasi Tumpeng

The first way to decorate the tumpeng is to print the tumpeng rice in such a way that it looks attractive.

Before starting to decorate the tumpeng rice, of course you need to make the tumpeng rice first. Determine first whether the rice uses white rice, yellow rice or savory rice.

If it’s yellow rice, make yellow rice with a mixture of glutinous rice so that the tumpeng is sturdier. If there is fluffier rice, it’s better to use fluffier rice to make it more delicious. Or if you want to form tumpeng rice in a cone shape, you can use a cone-shaped mold so you can form a cone with a mold that suits your needs and desires.

Putting side dishes as the center of attention

The third way to decorate the tumpeng is to put the side dishes on the tumpeng as the center of attention.

Apart from the tall nasi tumpeng jakarta with a cone in the middle of the container, choose other side dishes as the center of attention and decoration. You can use any side dish that suits you, but don’t forget the meaning behind the side dish. The side dishes must be appropriate and beautiful to make the tumpeng rice look charming.

A simple ingredient that can be used is that at the top of the tumpeng rice, it is decorated with chili flowers or banana leaves to make it look beautiful.

Choosing a Contrast Color of Side dishes

How to decorate tumpeng cannot be separated from choosing the right color. The side dishes for tumpeng are generally brown or dark red in color.

Therefore, try to make a very interesting arrangement around the cone of tumpeng to make it look pretty. For example, fried chicken, patties, and scrambled Tempe have matching colors and should not be juxtaposed.

The tumpeng needs to be interspersed with colorful vegetables or anointing. The matching color can make the tumpeng look more attractive.

Natural decoration to taste

The next way to decorate the tumpeng is to use natural decorations to taste.

You can use all the garnishes in tumpeng from edible ingredients. Since all the side dishes and decorations are placed in one container around the tumpeng rice, of course the garnishes can be vegetables and fruit.

Make a garnish out of chilies that you can use as flowers or sprinkles. Carrots and radishes that can be made into geese or other shapes, flowers or birds or chicks are not only beautiful, but they are also safe because they are made from fresh ingredients.

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