5 Well Known Indonesian Traditional Snacks

Not only rich in natural beauty and culture, Indonesia also has a variety of culinary delights that are ready to shake your tongue. One of its culinary riches is a variety of traditional snack box Jakarta.

Market snacks are traditional Indonesian foods that are usually bought and sold in markets, especially traditional markets. Market snacks also vary in type, shape and taste.

Nowadays there is a waves of culinary scene, making market snacks a bit difficult to find. However, in some areas, market snacks still exist and are popular. Because the taste is very delicious, the choices are varied, and the price is relatively affordable.

What are the various Indonesian traditional snacks? Let’s reminisce through the following article reviews.


This traditional snack box Jakarta which was viral some time ago is made from glutinous rice flour, which is shaped like a small ball, which contains brown sugar inside, then the klepon is sprinkled with grated coconut which makes it taste delicious on the outside but sweet on the inside. When eating this one food, you should eat the klepon in one bite so that the brown sugar liquid melts in your mouth.


Lupis is a cake made from glutinous rice which is cooked and wrapped in banana leaves. When served, then sprinkle grated coconut on top and pour the liquid brown sugar. Lupis is generally found in two shapes, triangular or round like lontong. This one market snack is delicious to accompany you to drink tea in the morning or in the afternoon.


Next is cenil, a traditional snack made from cassava starch or starch. This round or small square food has a distinctive texture and taste, and has a colorful appearance. Still use the sprinkle grated coconut, but combine it with a sprinkling of sugar. Cenil is one of the market snacks that is hunted by traditional culinary lovers.

Kue Lapis

A chewy cake that usually has two or more layers of color. Layer cakes are made from rice flour, starch, coconut milk, sugar, salt and natural or artificial food coloring. Its attractive appearance makes it a favorite among children, and its chewy and soft texture is also popular with the elderly.


There are two types of serabi or surabi snacks, namely sweet serabi using kinca or liquid brown sugar and salty serabi with a sprinkling of seasoned oncom on top. By using the main ingredients of rice flour and coconut milk, pancakes are very delicious when eaten warm. As time goes by, nowadays there are pancakes with various toppings such as cheese, chocolate or mayonnaise.

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