Software Piracy Perpetrators Are Threatened With Fines Of IDR 1 Trillion

The use of computers and other gadgets in Indonesia is quite high. However, the growth in the hardware sector is said to be not directly proportional to the official software adoption rate. This is why consultant company Indonesia is needed.

A study proves that the majority of Indonesians still prefer pirated software. The report reveals that in Indonesia, software is in the first rank with 33.50% as the product that is most frequently hijacked.

The study conducted by the Indonesian Anti-Counterfeiting Society (MIAP) together with Makara Mas University of Indonesia entitled ‘Economic Impact of Counterfeiting in Indonesia’ reveals that products that are often hijacked are cosmetics, medicines, clothing, leather goods, and food. and drinks.

The study also reveals that Indonesia suffers losses due to potential loss of indirect tax revenue from the sale of original software. MIAP has also conducted outreach to the public regarding the new rules prohibiting the use of pirated software.

“We appreciate the birth of the Copyright Law No. 28/2014 which seeks to protect the software industry. This law can also support the Indonesian government’s efforts to get out of the Priority Watch List issued by the US Trade Representative,” said Widyaretna Buenastuti, Chair of MIAP in a written statement.

Support related to the Copyright Law does not only come from MIAP, the Indonesian Computer Entrepreneurs Association (APKOMINDO) and the Metro Jaya Regional Police admit that they also fully support the Copyright Law so that people avoid using pirated software.

“We hope that the new Copyright Law can reduce the number of pirated software users to a minimum. It is time to raise public awareness to use original software,” said Soegiharto Santoso, Chairman of DPP APKOMINDO.

The three parties want to inform the public that there is a considerable threat to the perpetrators of piracy in the Copyright Law No.28/2014 in the form of fines of Rp. 500 million to Rp. 1 trillion to the perpetrators of piracy. The fine is double the previous Copyright Law.

In addition, the new Copyright Law also emphasizes the responsibility of mall or hypermarket owners not to allow pirated products to be sold at their place of business. If the business owners fail to comply with this law, they can be fined up to IDR 100 million.

“Success in enforcing this regulation is determined by the role of law enforcers and the awareness of rights owners to be ready to report any discovery of piracy. POLDA Metro Jaya is ready to collaborate with MIAP and APKOMINDO,” said Police Commissioner Drs. Mujiyono, SH, Mhum.

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