4 Benefits if You Choose to Study at SP Jain Singapore

Cross-border business studies in three major world cities

Full-time postgraduate students can live and study in 3 locations at once – in Sydney, Dubai and Singapore. Thus, students not only learn theoretical knowledge and practice, but also learn to understand the dynamic global business environment. Doing business across borders requires specific skills, each depending on the location where the business is run. Each city is a regional hub that offers students ample opportunities to get to know different cultures, learn about international business practices and network with business executives and community leaders, undertake real-time projects, and pursue internship and full-time career opportunities.

Cultivate a spirit of leadership and decision making

Companies are always looking for 2 main skills in their employees, namely leadership and decision making. Decision making is an important element that must be owned by a business manager. At SP Jain Singapore, students have uniquely mastered these skills with the support of academics in student council rooms as well as sophisticated computer simulations. Using the decision-making techniques they learn in class, students are asked to critically analyze their reading material and case studies so that they can draw conclusions in the report. Students learn to use scientific methods, reasoning and logical analysis to solve organizational problems, and develop critical thinking and decision-making skills that are ready to be applied in the workplace. State-of-the-art computer-aided business simulations are widely used to enable postgraduate students to practice and sharpen their real-world skills and decision making in an innovative and risk-free environment.

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Study at a world-class business school

SP Jain’s Global MBA Program is one of the best 1-year MBA programs in the world and is ranked among the best in the world, as reported by Forbes in 2015-2017.

 Prepare for a career in a leading global company

Students are also encouraged to participate in special global learning classes where business frameworks are studied and tested. They interact with local companies and undertake real-time application-based projects that help them to truly understand the nature of connected businesses, the influence and impact of culture on consumer preferences and business decisions, global collaboration and best practices, and the risks of outside business operations. country of origin. As well as gaining global knowledge, students also learn to adapt across cultures and globally relevant to 21st century companies. Today, SP Jain graduates work for leading global companies, such as the Boston Consulting Group, P&G, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Nike, Barclays, MasterCard, and the World Economic Forum.

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