Film Piracy, These 4 Cities Losing Rp. 1.5 T / Year

The rapid development of the digital world has also had a negative impact on the film industry. One of them is the increasing number of film piracy. For further information, ask a legal consultant in your area..

Senior Researcher at the Institute for Economic and Community Research, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (LPEM FEB UI) Chaikal Nuryakin said the total losses from film piracy reached IDR 1.495 trillion per year. This loss was suffered by four cities, namely Jakarta, Medan, Bogor and Deli Serdang.

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This loss figure could be greater if the losses suffered by other cities were added. Many film pirates use access through pirated sites and DVDs which are detrimental to the Indonesian film industry.

“We found the fact that there was a significant economic loss to the film industry of IDR 1.495 trillion per year. That includes 4 cities such as Jakarta, Medan, Bogor and Deli Serdang,” said Chaikal at the 2018 World Intellectual Property Film Indonesia Forum at JS Luwansa Hotel, Jakarta , Thursday (3/05/2018).

He said that the factors that influence someone to access pirated films are due to the low access to cinemas, internet speed, the perception of the number of people watching pirated films. According to him, Jakarta is one of the areas experiencing the biggest losses from piracy, namely Rp 939 billion per year.

Meanwhile, the percentage of cinema viewers from pirated viewers in Jakarta is 65.57% and 62.63% in Bogor. Meanwhile, in Medan it was 48.15% and 37.40% in Deli Serdang.

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